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Understanding Medical Industry Lending | Medical equipment financing

The U.S. healthcare industry has rapidly changed over the last several years. As more of the population ages and requires medical care, specialty lenders are beginning to offer financing to healthcare companies. However, with the advent of Obama Care, the prevalence of government reimbursement makes the medical industry lending field complex and completely unique.

This has made asset-based financing one of the most common forms of financing available within the healthcare industry. This means that instead of relying on equipment, property and inventory, the healthcare financing module relies on one significant value: accounts receivable financing. This module is based on eligible accounts. Lenders in turn will lend money based on billed receivables that are outstanding, less a certain number of days, and unbilled services that are billed within a certain time from the date of service.

Lenders may also apply an advance rate to the pool of receivables. These rates are based on the lender’s personal experience with collections within a select niche of the medical industry. This type of program is ideal for business lines of credit.

As more primary care doctors begin practicing, some lenders are focusing on offering acquisition that is more specialized or expansion services, assisting to address the mandates that are required under Obama Care for healthcare facilities, doctors and medical specialists. Some examples are highlighted below:

  • Practice and Real Estate Acquisition
  • Practice and Building Expansion
  • Practice Refinancing and Debt Consolidation
  • Practice Leasehold Improvements
  • New Practice Start-Up
  • Working Capital Loans and Lines of Credit
  • Medical Equipment Leasing and Financing
  • Medical Billing and Claims Management

As more insurance companies contract lower rates to pay doctors, it is important that doctors search out money saving business loan alternatives that provide them with the necessary needs to professionally practice, while running a business that complies with Obama Care requirements.

Healthcare financing is also available for the following:

  • Hospitals
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Senior Living and Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Nationwide Centers
  • Urban Medical Centers
  • Rural Medical Centers


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