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Naming Your Company’s Business Part 2 of 2

The first part of this article highlights the importance of selecting a solid company name that helps gain exposure and footing in today’s business world.


Names that Make People Feel Good


Customers’ needs are first. Select a feel-good name that makes them enjoy shopping for products or using your services. Consider what customers love, such as animals, upbeat colors, etc. These are great avenues for marketing to research, especially for niche clientele.


When describing products, come up with creative descriptions that include new lingo. Avoid using –ly and –ify, as every other startup is beginning to heavily rely on these creative endings, which are becoming overused.


Avoid Translations


Unless a fluent foreign speaker is on staff, avoid using translation software. Always research negative connotations, as well as unexpected and compromised meanings.


Testing and Real Data


Companies should avoid relying on Facebook friends, friends and family for advice on company names. It’s best to rely on a target audience that offers unbiased feedback. Taking the time to test names and logos can make a significant difference when selecting a successful business name.


Choose a Web Domain, Vanity Email and Phone Number


Get a matching business domain name. This is important to have whether a company has a physical location or provides an online service. Never use a personal email address for work. Obtain a vanity email address that matches the domain.


Always include toll free and local phone numbers on business websites. Surveys show that phone numbers on websites help to dramatically increase website conversions.




Trademark a business name, which prevents it from being copied.


  • Visit the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s website
  • To make sure someone else has not already used your company name, search the Trademark Electronic Search System database
  • Never add a .net or .com to differentiate your business’ name


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