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Naming Your Company’s Business Part 1 of 2

One of the most difficult aspects of starting a new business is selecting a catchy, memorable name. Most startups claim they picked a name based on an available URL so they could get a .com address. This is a BIG MISTAKE.


By simply selecting a name based on an available URL, a company is not doing anything to appeal to customers, marketing or creating a pitch.


Make it simple: Focus on Spelling and Saying the Name


Consider making a business name simple, yet catchy. It has to be easy for people to remember and spell. This draws people to remember websites, social media information and share details with friends and colleagues.


It’s best to avoid alternate spellings, letters, numbers and abbreviations. This helps make marketing far easier and leads to better success for companies.


Choose a Unique Name


Consider a unique name that is catchy, yet memorable. Just remember not to make the name too crazy. Sometimes unusual names are helpful because they stick out in people’s minds and can actually help boost businesses’ ratings.


Use Alternative URL Endings


So many .com names are taken, which has led many companies to try out .fm, .org, .co and .net. Additionally, .com endings can be very expensive, so creativity can save companies thousands of dollars. Not to mention, being unique can actually generate more business.


Selecting a Name


Choose a company name that is relevant to your company. If you have a clothing company, don’t call it Valet, because it will confuse customers and has absolutely nothing to do with what the company sells. Always make sure the company’s name and URL are relevant to one another.


Having relevant website names and company products can help reduce bounce rates for landing pages, giving companies a better idea for how to improve marketing techniques.


Changing Company’s Names


If a company’s name is simply not working, do not be afraid to change it. Implementing a strong PR strategy can help get the word out about a company changing names and rebranding. A name change is far better than a company going under. It’s also helpful if introducing a new product, which can help a company gain ground among the competition.


When starting a company, selecting a name is only one part of the process. Raising start up capital is a significant part of starting a company. Seeing a lender is also necessary. Lenders offer business cash advance, business lines of credit and short term business capital loans.



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