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Just like most small businesses, liquor stores require financing to obtain inventories. Frequently, they can have inventories in excess of $100,000. Liquor store financing is often used for expanding inventories.

Liquor stores often have difficulties obtaining traditional bank financing because they are considered a “high risk” designation by banks. In fact, most stores are simply turned down based on their risks, only after enduring a lengthy, time-consuming application process.

Nontraditional store financing offers working capital for stores regardless of their credit or existing loans. They provide funding to high-risk companies and offer merchant cash advances to liquor stores.

Most liquor store financing requires that business are in business for a minimum of two to three months and have a gross monthly sales record of at least $15,000. Lenders can generally provide fast access to funds, which are available within as few as 48 hours.

For liquor stores that meet the following criteria, this type of financing is an excellent option:

  • Poor credit, existing loans, high-risk designations or bank issues that disqualify them from traditional loans; or
  • Businesses that have been operating for a minimum of two to three months; or
  • Gross monthly sales of $15,000 or more; or
  • Interest in business loans to help improve or expand current business operations.

To help repay loans, a small percentage of daily sales are deducted towards repaying loans. This percentage is deducted in advance, so it does not affect slow monthly cash flows.

Additionally, this is perfect for companies that want to purchase inventory for liqour store before peak seasons, covering taxes, payroll, or advertising, addressing unexpected business expenses and expanding stores or moving to a better location.

Liquor store loans generally provide access to capital within five business days, allow businesses to use funding for any business needs, offer an easy approval process with minimal paperwork and also provide funding for liquor stores that do not have perfect credit.

Most liquor stores’ cash flow problems are caused by inventories for sporting events, seasonal shifts, holidays, equipment repairs, inability to cover payroll, neglect in maintenance and cleaning, etc. By helping address these problems immediately, business can help save extra money in the long-run.

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