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Issues Affecting Small Business Loans in the Upcoming Presidential Election

Small business owners and entrepreneurs can vote based on a matter of personal opinion. This article simply highlights some of the many issues that stand to affect the economy and small businesses during this upcoming presidential election of 2016.



Healthcare companies have real time data on how Americans are using ObamaCare, which means that insurance companies are increasing premiums, which directly affect small business owners.


There will be plenty of debate in this election about ObamaCare, especially since the Supreme Court has upheld the subsidies that support the Affordable Care Act. Many Republican candidates have promised solutions that will fix America’s costly healthcare system.


Income Inequality


Many Americans are dissatisfied with the continuous growing divide between classes, which seems to have left the middle class nearly obsolete. Some candidates support increasing minimum wage, while others are touting the need to educate Americans. Expect this to become a hot button topic during this election.




Whether it is tax relief, tax reform or a flat tax, each presidential candidate has their own solutions for fixing today’s high taxes that are hindering many small businesses from succeeding.




One of the most common small business owner complaints is dealing with time-consuming regulations. Presidential candidates from both parties are showing they are committed to help small businesses by supporting lawsuit and regulatory reform.


Access to Capital


Nearly 33-percent of small businesses cannot obtain financing. Less small businesses have been able to rebound from the Great Recession compared to large businesses. In fact, many small businesses and startup companies cannot receive any credit, which is hindering economic business growth. These candidates are vowing more access to business cash advances, working capital loans and business lines of credit.


Only the next year will tell where candidates really stand on these economic platforms.



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