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Is your business losing control of cash flow? How Alternative Lenders Can Help

Cash flow is defined as “the total amount of money being transferred into and out of a business, especially as affecting liquidity.” Many businesses struggle with this. The following are signs that a business may be losing control of their cash flow include:


  • Records – If a business has messy or non-existent bookkeeping records, it is impossible to know if they are making a profit. A spreadsheet, ledger or cloud-based accounting program helps companies reveal potential problems.
  • Spending Plan – Plan on expenses and stick to a strict budget. It is important for businesses to know how much money they are spending.
  • Loan Payments – Too many loan payments can quickly add up and eat into profits.

Businesses Benefit from Alternative Lenders

Applying for loans through traditional banks can be a long, arduous process. Additionally, there is no guarantee that small business will even receive loan approval. There are several alternative-lending options, which are ideal for small businesses and startup companies.


Alternative-lending options offer the following:


  • Qualifications – Less stringent qualifications are a substantial benefit to using alternative-lending options. Banks tend to require credit scores, growth projections, cash flow statements and business plans. Most small businesses do not have this type of financial information or collateral. Alternative lenders are also more willing to fund small businesses that do not have complete financial statements or perfect credit.
  • Fast Access to Funds – Alternative lenders offer a simple application process and approval may be as fast as 24 hours. A business cash advance is perfect for unforeseen crises, such as when equipment fails. These types of loans are also excellent for product launches or business lines of credit that may be necessary.
  • Repayment Options – Business owners can shop for loan terms that match their repayment abilities. This is ideal for working capital loans or short-term business capital loans. Some loans offer interest that is tax deductible and payments are a fixed monthly amount. Check with an accountant or tax professional for more information.


Alternative lenders offer more flexible terms for small businesses, granting them access to money faster than traditional banking institutions. This gives small businesses a better chance to succeed in today’s economy.

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