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Exploring Unsecured Business Lines of Credit for Businesses

It is extremely difficult for many businesses to obtain traditional financing from banks. Fortunately, non-traditional financing is available by alternative lenders that strive to help small businesses succeed.


Non-traditional financing applies in the following circumstances:


  1. If businesses are having difficulties obtaining the cash they need to help grow their business or execute their real estate deals, non-traditional financing may be an excellent option to pursue.
  2. For business owners that want to start a new business, but are not in a position to risk their personal credit or life savings, non-traditional financing may be a viable option.
  3. For businesses that need fast cash, an unsecured business line of credit may be available in as few as days to a couple weeks.
  4. Most small business owners can qualify for unsecured business lines of credit amounts between $50,000 and $200,000.


Additional benefits of using non-traditional financing include:


  1. Not being asked to provide collateral;
  2. Not having to provide business or personal tax returns; and
  3. There are no necessary requirements to provide financial statements.


A business cash advance helps provide businesses with the necessary funds to:


  1. Start or purchase a new business
  2. Acquire new supplies or equipment
  3. Adding on to a current business location
  4. Invest in additional real estate or purchase rehab properties, pay off balloon notes, etc.
  5. Purchase land or additional business operations to help grow businesses
  6. Launch advertising, promotional campaigns
  7. Invest in long-term business futures
  8. Purchase raw materials
  9. Purchase products and inventory for resale


Most working capital loans do not require the following:


  1. They do not report personal credit reports, only business credit reports
  2. They do not charge interest for extended periods of times
  3. They do not charge upfront fees
  4. Unsecured business credit lines can be reused and repaid
  5. They offer fast and secure funding processes

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