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Effective Cost-Saving Ideas for Small Business Owners

When faced with taking out unsecured business loans or working capital loans, businesses can easily stretch these dollars further by instituting the following cost saving business strategies.


  • Employees vs. Contractors – Hiring contractors rather than employees is an excellent option for start-up companies. Contractors do not require benefits, helping save companies money on medical, vacation and medical leave, retirement plans, social security, unemployment and much more.
  • Office Space – If using contractors, rent a small office, which saves thousands of dollars on an office space. As a business grows, companies can begin to invest in a large building, furniture and more office equipment, such as computers, servers, copiers, fax machines and other office necessities.
  • Supplies – Office supplies greatly vary in price. Businesses should shop around, comparing prices on technical equipment and paper. Saving money on these everyday items can greatly add up over a short time.
  • Trading Services – Always confirm with accounting professionals if trading services are legal. If so, consider teaming up with marketing firms and doing work in exchange for marketing services. This is a fantastic way to double exposure and team up with reputable companies.
  • Collecting Debt – Businesses always run into this problem: they need to collect outstanding debts. Businesses need to research a debt-collection merchant account company that offers excellent services and competitive rates. This alone can save companies thousands of dollars per annum.
  • Training Teams – Businesses that train their employees have fewer turnovers and a higher retention rate. They also report feeling more confident and happy with their jobs.
  • Marketing – An excellent way for businesses to participate in free marketing is to advertise at well-attended volunteer community events. These make an impression on community members and give businesses the opportunity to interact directly with the public.
  • Online Media – Online media allows companies to rapidly communicate with potential companies, significantly changing the marketing world.
    • Political Involvement – Online media allows companies to support local, state and federal candidates, while also supporting various political causes.
    • Rapid Communication – Social media allows businesses to instantly share voice clips, messages, web pages and photographs with potential customers.
    • Empowerment – One single comment gives empowerment to individuals.
    • Giving Businesses a Voice – Businesses can communicate with groups of potential customers, broadcasting new messages, listening to customers’ concerns and much more.




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