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Liquor store financing | Liquor Store Loans

By Admin on 25 March 2015

Just like most small businesses, liquor stores require financing to obtain inventories. Frequently, they can have inventories in excess of $100,000. Liquor store financing is often used for expanding inventories. Liquor stores often have difficulties obtaining traditional bank financing because they are considered a “high risk” designation by banks. In fact, most stores are simply […]

SBA Bridge Loan Program: Paying off Debts

By Admin on 18 March 2015

The SBA stands for the Small Business Administration. This national government program provides businesses that meet the Small Business Administration’s criteria with loans. There are several different SBA loan programs, all of which have specific circumstances, as established by the government’s SBA division. The SBA Bridge Loan Program is solely available to help assist business […]

Medical Industry Lending | Medical Financial Services

By Admin on 11 March 2015

Medical industry lending is a specialized type of financing that offers a specific focus on addressing medical practice needs. Whether medical companies require healthcare IT upgrades or need employee training, it is important that medical clinics stay up-to-date on the latest medical practice technology. Medical industry lending offers medical financing solutions to ensure that clinics […]

An Introduction to Working Capital Loans for Small Business

By Admin on 4 March 2015

Working capital loans for small business are designed for businesses in need of short-term loans. Businesses in turn use these loans to help finance their daily business operations. These loans are not intended for help businesses acquire long-term assets or any investments. They are simply to help run day-to-day business expenses. Business expenses are generally […]

Understanding Medical Industry Lending | Medical equipment financing

By Admin on 25 February 2015

The U.S. healthcare industry has rapidly changed over the last several years. As more of the population ages and requires medical care, specialty lenders are beginning to offer financing to healthcare companies. However, with the advent of Obama Care, the prevalence of government reimbursement makes the medical industry lending field complex and completely unique. This […]

Restaurant Loans: Tips for Financing a New Restaurant

By Admin on 18 February 2015

As more culinary reality shows increase ratings, the number of restaurant loans continues to grow. Restaurateurs need to remember that in order to obtain a loan or money for their restaurant businesses; they need to have experience in the field. To obtain necessary experience, they can consider taking part-time jobs in restaurants, taking cooking classes, […]

The Basics of Business Lines of Credit | How does it work? | Business Lines of Credit

By Admin on 11 February 2015

A revolving line of credit is a common type of small business loan. The lender sets a certain business cash advance of maximum funds and the business can use these funds as needed, only paying interest that accrues on the used funds. How do business lines of credit work? A line of credit works similar […]

Reasons to Open Business Lines of Credit | My Business Credit Lines

By Admin on 4 February 2015

A business line of credit allows businesses to withdraw money, as they need. There is a set limit, which is agreed to by the both the lender and borrower. This allows businesses to expand and run businesses over a period, without withdrawing money and paying unnecessary interest. Business lines of credit can be either unsecured […]

How to get a Business Loan with Poor Credit | Business Cash Advance

By Admin on 28 January 2015

Bank lending requirements for small businesses have been improving, but challenges remain. Many small businesses are still growing and are struggling to improve their credit histories. Unfortunately getting a business loan with poor credit is difficult because traditional banks are not willing to gamble on these small business owners, leaving them suffering from lack of […]

Merchant Cash Advance: Q&A | Business Cash Advances

By Admin on 21 January 2015

This article helps answer common questions associated with business cash advances. What can merchant cash advance companies do for businesses? These working capital loans help provide businesses with the necessary funds to succeed. These are not bank loans or small business loans, which means that businesses have a higher chance of approval rates. These tailored […]

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