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Funding Options for Small Businesses

By Admin on 10 June 2015

There are many funding options that small businesses can pursue to help improve their financials.   Business Line of Credit – Many lenders that offer credit lines provide spendable business credit lines, which allows businesses to spend money on anything that requires their business to grow and operate. Many of these do not even require […]

Determining the Best Unsecured Business Lines of Credit for Small Businesses

By Admin on 3 June 2015

For businesses that require instant access to cash, obtaining an unsecured business line of credit provides immediate cash on demand. With flexible payment rates and options, there are two types of business lines of credit: traditional and non-traditional.   To make it simple, it is easier to explain a traditional bank loan. A traditional loan […]

The Benefits of Seeking Working Capital Loans For Small Business Online

By Admin on 25 May 2015

The small business capital crisis is changing the way entrepreneurs gain access to financial funds. Instead of traditional funding through big banks, these bold entrepreneurs are turning to the Internet and chasing down funding, desperate to help grow their businesses. In fact, today’s entrepreneurs are not scared to focus on online lenders, as they come […]

Challenges of Entrepreneurship and How to Overcome Financial Issues

By Admin on 18 May 2015

Entrepreneurship fosters job creation, discovery and innovation. It is the foundation upon what the US was built upon – hard work and inventive ideas. Entrepreneurs are responsible for making markets more efficient and increasing economic gains through innovation. Unfortunately, the US is at a crossroads. Because of facing many challenges, entrepreneurship is rapidly declining and […]

Why is it difficult for small businesses to obtain working capital loans?

By Admin on 11 May 2015

For the last several years it is has been exceptionally difficult for entrepreneurs to obtain bank loans. While the Obama Administration claims they are making efforts to change lending requirements, their results have been slow to improve the lending climate for entrepreneurs. In a study conducted by Pepperdine University, out of nearly 1,200 applicants more […]

Business Cash Advance: Business Protection Tips For Entrepreneurs

By Admin on 4 May 2015

Many small business owners enter their new business alive, full of hope and wishful prosperity while diving in with two feet into the difficult world of entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs run into a constant debt cycle, where they are borrowing money to pay bills without realizing the risks they are gambling with – paying large […]

Why should businesses obtain an unsecured business loan?

By Admin on 24 April 2015

There are two types of loans. A secured business loan means that something is secured or pledged against an asset of the borrower’s. If the borrower defaults, this asset is sold to cover the costs of the loan. An unsecured business loan is a monetary loan that does not require any securities. With no collateral […]

What is factoring in Business? | Small Business Factoring

By Admin on 17 April 2015

When obtaining business loans, many companies may hear the term “factoring.” But what exactly is the definition of factoring? Factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing, is a transaction where businesses sell their accounts receivables, or outstanding invoices, to a commercial third party financial company. This third party is known as the factor. This enables […]

What are the advantages of Veteran business loans?

By Admin on 10 April 2015

Military men and women that make transitions from military life to civilian life are awarded several honors. If they served in a war, such as Iraq or Afghanistan, and they want to become entrepreneurs, the military provides several advantages for Veterans to become small business owners. One of the most significant reasons the government has […]

What is a transportation industry loan? | Truck Loans

By Admin on 3 April 2015

Even though our country has come through a difficult economic recession, more people are not buying locally, but are choosing to be budget-conscious and purchase more items online. These online cost savings are passed directly to consumers via inexpensive shipping rates, but have caused a truck and commercial transportation surge. To see the shortage of […]

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