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Effective Cost-Saving Ideas for Small Business Owners

By Admin on 24 August 2015

When faced with taking out unsecured business loans or working capital loans, businesses can easily stretch these dollars further by instituting the following cost saving business strategies.   Employees vs. Contractors – Hiring contractors rather than employees is an excellent option for start-up companies. Contractors do not require benefits, helping save companies money on medical, […]

10 Crazy Tax Write-Off’s for Small Businesses

By Admin on 17 August 2015

This website covers a variety of business cash advances for small businesses, including working capital loans, business lines of credit, transportation industry loans, liquor store financing, medical industry lending, restaurant loans, SBA bridge loans, short term business capital, factoring for businesses, bad credit business loans, unsecured business loans and Veteran business loans.   However, there […]

Paying Off Liens through the SBA Bridge Loan Program

By Admin on 10 August 2015

The SBA Bridge Loan Program is administered through the Small Business Administration This national project offers loan guarantees for lending partners, helping to eliminate risks for lending partners. There are several different types of SBA loan guarantee programs. Each program focuses on business-specific circumstances, as set forth by the SBA. Each bank structures a specific […]

An Introduction to Working Capital Loans

By Admin on 3 August 2015

There are many aspects involved in working capital loans. A businesses’ capital is the day-to-day operations that bring in money, which are then subtracted by adding current liabilities from all assets.   The bottom line is that working capital loans help keep businesses afloat. No matter what type of business, most businesses will find themselves […]

Unsecured Business Loans Explained

By Admin on 22 July 2015

Starting a small business can be a daunting task. It is full of risks, but also potential rewards. Starting at ground zero without any consistent cash flow can be overwhelming. It takes time for businesses to generate revenue and stabilize. There again, there is no guarantee that a business will generate profits or even make […]

Success Stories: Veteran Business Loans

By Admin on 15 July 2015

Half of all veterans that returned from World War II eventually went on to own or operate a business. Additionally, a veteran that served in the armed forces owns one out of every nine small businesses in the U.S.   Veterans learn all the necessary skills to survive, which includes vital military training, such as […]

Funding Dries Up for Medical Industry Lending

By Admin on 8 July 2015

The medical industry is experiencing a drought. While they are struggling to adapt to an expensive healthcare system, they are also experiencing less success obtaining necessary startup funding.   Investments in the medical equipment and device industry have continued to decrease since 2007 according to information presented by the National Venture Capital Association and PricewaterhouseCoopers. […]

What are working capital loans?

By Admin on 1 July 2015

Working loans are a superb way for businesses to generate instant capital and focus on growing businesses. Capital helps businesses cover many costs, including payroll, marketing costs, financial expenses and other operational expenditures.   Working capital provides money for companies that are in need of immediate and short-term loans for operating expenses. Businesses can generally […]

How to Obtain a Small Business Line of Credit

By Admin on 24 June 2015

A small business line of credit is a flexible financial tool that helps aid businesses, allowing them to grow if they use these loans to their full potential. These revolving credit lines are inexpensive and businesses are only required to pay interest on the amounts they borrow.   What can these loans be used for? […]

Exploring Unsecured Business Lines of Credit for Businesses

By Admin on 17 June 2015

It is extremely difficult for many businesses to obtain traditional financing from banks. Fortunately, non-traditional financing is available by alternative lenders that strive to help small businesses succeed.   Non-traditional financing applies in the following circumstances:   If businesses are having difficulties obtaining the cash they need to help grow their business or execute their […]

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