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Entrepreneurs: The Heart of American Business Part of 2 of 2

By Admin on 9 November 2015

As a continuation of our last article, becoming a successful entrepreneur takes works and drive. There is no overnight formula that guarantees long-term achievements.   Drive Is Not Abundant, But Ideas Are   The world is full of amazing, incredible ideas. Entrepreneurs simply require the self-discipline and drive to turn these amazing world-changing ideas into […]

Entrepreneurs: The Heart of American Business Part of 1 of 2

By Admin on 2 November 2015

There is no magic formula for success. Starting a company takes dedication, hard work and perseverance. In fact, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. But for those who are, the rewards can be vast, literally changing the world.   At the heart of every successful business is an idea. This idea grows […]

An Introduction to Lines of Credit

By Admin on 26 October 2015

Many lenders offer business lines of credit to small businesses. These types of loans allow a lender to set aside a maximum amount of funds and businesses can use these funds as needed. Interest only accrues on the monies that are used.   Different from a business cash advance, a line of credit is a […]

Small Businesses: Location and Zoning

By Admin on 19 October 2015

There are several factors to consider when small businesses are hunting for the right location. Location is everything, but for many small businesses that simply cannot afford the high costs of a prime location.   First, a small business must determine their immediate needs and look for a location that offers excellent exposure to potential […]

U.S. Salutes Veterans

By Admin on 12 October 2015

There are many reasons why people should stand by our Veterans and support small business Veteran businesses. Our servicemen and women transition from the military, returning back home, only to be jobless. Many of these men and women are choosing to start or run a small business. These businesses are giving the economy the necessary […]

The Benefits of Supporting Locally Owned Businesses

By Admin on 5 October 2015

There are several reasons why supporting locally owned businesses are advantageous to communities. Additionally, many alternative lenders work with small businesses to help them build their credit and stay afloat during difficult times. Small businesses may need a business cash advance, a SBA bridge loan or even unsecured business loans. These help provide small businesses […]

Alternative Financing and Working Capital Loan Options for Small Businesses

By Admin on 22 September 2015

The world of small business financing is ever changing. Today, there are more options to small business owners than ever before. Nearly one-half to two-thirds of small businesses will seek financing from non-bank sources at some point in their business careers.   Small businesses continue to face challenges finding traditional financing, which has created a […]

Issues Affecting Small Business Loans in the Upcoming Presidential Election

By Admin on 15 September 2015

Small business owners and entrepreneurs can vote based on a matter of personal opinion. This article simply highlights some of the many issues that stand to affect the economy and small businesses during this upcoming presidential election of 2016. Healthcare   Healthcare companies have real time data on how Americans are using ObamaCare, which means […]

Tips for Getting a Business Line of Credit

By Admin on 8 September 2015

Seasonal businesses may encounter financial difficulties with cash flow due to seasonal merchandise sales and credit demands. This can especially affect start-up companies during their first few years when they have not generated enough capital to have consistent positive cash flows. Additionally, seasonal merchandise is expensive to purchase ahead of time, which means that businesses […]

Working Capital Loan Issues that Small Businesses Face

By Admin on 1 September 2015

Small business owners rely on working capital loans to help fulfill short-term and operational credit obligations.   There are three significant factors that business owners face when applying for working capital loans.   Businesses need to plan their cash flow to help sustain and grow their businesses, while maintaining consistent and accurate records. Businesses need […]

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