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An Introduction to Working Capital Loans

There are many aspects involved in working capital loans. A businesses’ capital is the day-to-day operations that bring in money, which are then subtracted by adding current liabilities from all assets.


  • The bottom line is that working capital loans help keep businesses afloat. No matter what type of business, most businesses will find themselves in need of a working capital loan at some point in time. These types of loans are superb for updating outdated products, keeping up with competition, improving office space, recovering from natural disasters, launching new products and much more. Working capital loans are specifically designed to help businesses flourish during difficult economies, allowing them the necessary working capital to get back on their feet.
  • Working capital provides quick cash infusions. Generally, the approval process takes one day and funding is often available in as few as three to five business days.
  • A working capital application is a one-page application that simply asks the merchant’s name, type of business, percent of ownership, the amount of the loan, telephone numbers and the address of the business.
  • Since non-bank institutions often provide collateral loans, they are not backed by collateral. They base the amount of money loaned on expected and previous sales. Cash flows are more important than collateral.
  • Working capital loans have no restrictions. Companies can use the money however they see fit, which includes to pay taxes, invoices, bills, payroll, sales taxes, marketing campaigns and much more.
  • Working capital loans also offer short loan terms, which range from six to 18 months. This allows companies to not become burdened with long-term contracts or obligations. Short terms loans also have the benefit of less interest.
  • With working capital loans, credit score is also not a top priority. To qualify for a working capital loan, cash flow is the main consideration.


Depending upon the type of working capital loan, payments can be collected daily, weekly or monthly. Daily repayments help to free up cash flows and many underwriters have designed very affordable payment deductions to help decrease the impact on companies’ overall cash flows. Payments that are arranged for collection in this format have less cash flow burdens compared to once monthly payments.


If businesses run into trouble with repayment options, many working capital loan companies will try to work with businesses to help accommodate flexible payment schedules, provided they contact loan processors in advance.


Most working capital loans do not require businesses to change their credit card processors as the payback methods are automatically deducted from bank accounts. They will review credit card statements before granting loans to determine appropriate business cash flow and approval amounts.

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